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  • Do I need to know any mindfulness or meditation before taking the MV program?
    Absolutely not! The goal is to introduce you to mindfulness so you can not only model it for your child to learn for his/her benefit, but also for your own peaceful state.
  • Can I do the Mindful Village® program with you privately?
    Yes! I offer a coaching container in which you have access to the program, along with private coaching support with me. Please contact me to ask availability.
  • Do you offer sliding scale rates?
    Yes, I do offer sliding scale rates for the Mindful Village® program but not for my 1:1 services (which includes coaching and psychological testing). Please ask if you have financial issues and I will be happy to work with you for the MV program. I eventually hope to have a nonprofit foundation to help with scholarships, as well as offering MV to communities in need.
  • Do I need special software for the online sessions with you?
    I use Zoom ( for all online sessions. You simply download the free software from their site (or an app if you are using a tablet/smart phone).
  • Will you be offering the Mindful Village® program in other languages?
    Yes! Eventually :-) Right now, the plan is to have it available in Spanish, French, Urdu, and Turkish.
  • Can I become a Mindful Village® teacher?
    Mindful Village® training is on the horizon--please let me know if you are interested. Required prerequisites will include training in mindfulness/meditation and experience with neurodiversity.
  • What is "spiritual mentoring?"
    Spiritual mentoring is being a resource for someone as that person navigates his/her/their own spiritual journey. It is easy to get lost, to give up hope, and to be confused. As someone who has been learning, exploring, and training in various spiritual traditions for several decades, I would love to help others find their way, as well. And for the curious, I am a Sufi in the Threshold Society which is a Mevlevi order (of Rumi's lineage). ❤️🌹
  • What is your refund/cancellation policy?
    The package deals are non-refundable once started. All other bookings canceled 24 hours in advance (& 48 hours for testing sessions) are fully refundable. Less than 24/48 hours notice will result in a nonrefundable fee equal to your payment. This time has been reserved for you so last minute cancellations do not allow time to refill that slot. Thanks for understanding.
  • Do you accept insurance for the psychological services?
    Due to multiple reasons, I do not take insurance but I am happy to provide you with a billing statement for reimbursement if you wish to submit it to your insurance company.
  • Do you offer life coaching?
    Yes! I offer what I call Heartfulness Coaching™ (mindfulness with heart) -- I'm a certified Jungian life coach and you can find more details about my coaching services on my other site,
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