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General Details

→  The only psychological services I am currently offering are telehealth assessments for Autism, for adults ages 18+ and psychological consultations. Please see the Psychology page for details. The rest of this page pertains to non-psychological trainings, classes, and consultations.

 All trainings and consultations are online via Zoom so please ensure a reliable internet connection and a quiet area in which to connect. Headphones/earbuds are helpful if you wish to tune out outside noise (the shop tab has links to some options I like). Please contact me if you have any questions/concerns about using Zoom.

For private consultations, you can get a 10-15 minute free online meeting to insure this is the right fit for both of us. Please contact me for availability.

All Mindfulness classes are on the Mindfulness page. Private sessions are detailed below.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although, I am a psychologist, the mindfulness trainings are not considered psychotherapy. We are not in a therapeutic relationship, which by definition involves a more in-depth analysis of psychological issues. These trainings are educational in nature and should be considered as such. It is quite common for deep-rooted issues to come up once you start a meditation practice; if you require psychotherapy, I will be happy to help you find someone in your community.


And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?




Private Mindfulness Training

If you'd prefer a more private setting to learn about mindfulness/meditation, I am available for private sessions. Together we can explore which types of meditation may suit you the best, as well as areas of resistance. If you'd like a free 10 minute consultation first, please contact me.

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Spiritual Mentoring

If you are on your own spiritual journey but confused or lost, let me help guide you to your calling. As someone who navigated this wonderful journey for several decades and explored many different ideologies and spiritual pathways, I would love to help you as you find your way home.

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Mindful Behavioral Management

Are you having trouble with behavioral management with your child? Let's talk and set up a mindful, compassionate parenting plan tailored specifically for your child. Follow-up sessions can be of shorter duration in order to make adjustments as needed.

For coaching,
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