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Psychological Consultation

Do you have a mental health diagnosis for your child and don't know where to go for more information on school recommendations? Are you looking for additional resources for yourself as a newly diagnosed autistic adult?  

If you just want a consultation on how to proceed, we can do a session into your current challenges and how to address them.

 For HIPAA compliance, please contact and/or book solely through my secure email (, not through my website. 

Neurodivergence is your brain taking the scenic route when

everyone else is taking the main highway.



For Children:

For parents/caregivers who have had their children already tested and/or diagnosed (with neurodevelopmental/learning/or a mental health issue) but still have questions, we can do a consultation session to collaborate on what to do next. This can run the gamut from school recommendations to setting up a compassionate parenting plan or figuring out social skills support which does not involve masking. We can also go over existing protocols and recommendations to see where there is extra support needed. And as I am a certified mindfulness/qigong teacher, we can also create some practices/interventions which incorporate mindfulness, meditation, and self-compassion for your child, as well as for you! 

For Adults:

Whether you are a newly diagnosed autistic adult or one just seeking new advice, I am happy to help you find resources and understand your diagnosis from a neurodivergent affirming point of view (meaning we look at your strengths instead of focusing on your challenges). Unfortunately, many in the healthcare field choose to focus on the negative and that is not very helpful. Chances are that you already know your challenges! But are you as aware of your strengths and how you can utilize those to succeed in the neurotypical world? We can also look at areas where you might still have challenges and how to navigate those arenas using your strengths from a mindful, positive psychology perspective. If you decide to work with me for a longer period, we can also explore coaching options. Bottom line is that we will find what works best for you, using your unique strengths!

A consultation can last up to 1.5 hours and is $777. This pricing is based on my years of practice, training, and lived wisdom/experience. Please be aware that I do not offer sliding scale for consultations.

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