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Happy New Year!! ✨

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

It's been a while since I've posted but I thought the beginning of a new year would be a great place to start back up! And I actually had a poem "come through" on the 31st so I thought I would share that. I used to be very shy about sharing my poetry but I've gained a bit more self-confidence (or maybe I have gotten to that age where I really don't care what anyone thinks! 😂).

It is Time…

This has been a time for growth A clearing of old wounds Of heartaches long past A time to face it all.

Letting the murkiness caused by old shards That no longer claim us To settle and dissolve.

We gained new insight Through the crystal clear waters of Divine Grace Which become available to those Willing to receive.

And as we’ve healed old wounds that lurking sediment is now gone, Leaving behind only shadows Where it once dwelled, Remnants of a past Which no longer serve us.

Traces of its existence Are even now melting into The magma of Mother Earth, She who protects and heals Her children, Preparing them for what is to come.

And so behold The dawning of a new era Where Consciousness rules And Compassion reigns supreme. Where Honor is King And Joy is Queen

Where the old paradigm Of the Me, the Nafs, the Ego No longer serves its purpose.

For it is time to move on As the human race. To reclaim that power we once held Which has long been forgotten Through the lens of time.

And now, a dawning of an era A new rising Of the Collective Of Universal Consciousness Is coming…

Are you ready?

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