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We Are the Sacred Feminine Rising

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When I found out about this multi-author book project, I had mixed feelings.

What would this process be like?

Would I have time to write?

Was it a good idea to do one chapter in a book with 12 other women or should I save my story for my own book which I hoped to write one day?

But I totally trusted my business mentor, Vanessa, who had co-created this project, as well as the Indie publishing house which was publishing the book, so I jumped in the deep end.

From the very first meeting, I was so excited! Here was a group of women of all different backgrounds, ages, and philosophies — the diversity was lovely.

As the weeks went on and I came to know more about each woman and hear her life story, I realized that we had so much more in common than I could have imagined.

There was a similar core of resilience and the desire to overcome life’s adversities. Though there were difficult moments of pain and hardship to hear, there were also the tales of having overcome and conquered our fears and trials.

Triumph over life’s challenges was a recurring theme.

Holding the pain but not allowing it to drown us was a major concept which came up over and over again.

Our time together is coming to a close but I will always hold a very special place in my heart for these fabulously strong, beautiful souls who all came together in this wonderful group.

The shared vulnerability, support, encouragement, and compassion created such a loving space for us to really open up. I will miss these warriors of light and healing and hope our paths will cross again soon. Till then I will hold them in my heart with my most cherished memories.

Finally, I just want to add that the day we heard the title of the book was the day I knew I was all in.

Suddenly it all came together for me—this was meant to be — I got goosebumps when I heard it, “We are the Sacred Feminine Rising.”

Yes, yes we are and so will we continue to be.

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