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The Joy of Living Mindfully

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Hello, My Lovelies!

Today I’m going to talk about joy. My definition of joy is the loving awareness of being consistently and mindfully positive. It’s a state of being versus a fleeting emotion (such as happiness prompted by some action or activity).

Now, I’m going to ask you a really tough question. When was the last time you felt true, unfettered joy? Was it today? That’s wonderful 🌺 Was it a while ago? If so, ask yourself why that is. You have the potential to fill each 24 hours of your day with joy. Well, maybe not when you’re sleeping 🙂 but you get the idea. You can CHOOSE to fill your life with joy. So what holds you back? I don’t mean the kind where you obliviously have a loopy grin on your face while your child is in the middle of a tantrum! But perhaps after she has calmed down, you can find joy in the quiet. Like you may find joy in the pristine beauty of nature after a thunderstorm has passed. ⚡️🌦

Even in the middle of chaos, there is opportunity for the calm. Joy does not have to be produced through a complex activity, such as traveling, painting, or cooking an elaborate meal. It can be a stolen bite of ice cream after work stress or a chocolate treat savored after your child’s latest meltdown. Joy is cuddling with your son after you finally figure out what he was trying to tell you and you’re both content. Joy is taking five minutes to linger over your hot cup of tea or cocoa during a cold, rainy afternoon. Joy does not have to be complicated, dear one. It is the awareness and intention to be positive. It can be indulged in any given moment and needs no precipitating factor. Joy is what happens when love meets happiness and stays awhile. Stay in the joy, my dears. There is no better realm in which to live and flourish. 🌹

With much love, Rabia

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